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Neal Gafter on Java 7 Language Proposals

By , 14 June 2008

Neal Gafter on Java 7 Language Proposals

Here's some priceless commentary from Neal Gafter on his blog entitled Reified Generics for Java:

Dozens of language "proposals" are now generated weekly by people incompetent to the task. Sometimes the author is quietly tolerated by the community until their attention to the issue wanes. Sometimes a more persistent author attempts to pursue their proposal, and eventually comes to realize that they are out of their depth. Occasionally an individual with a complete lack of talent never comes to appreciate the futility of their approach, and attempts to recruit support from a wider community of amateurs.

So, why doesn't anybody pay attention to my idea for EL in Java? What's wrong with you people? Can't you see it's a great idea? Man, Java sucks. Perl is the way of the future.

Neal Gafter on Java 7 Language Proposals

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Neal Gafter on Java 7 Language Proposals

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Comment posted by: Morf3usz, 8 years ago
Why EL? There is JEXL, wider

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