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Spam Statistics

By , 4 November 2009

Spam Statistics

Statistics from the spam filter deployed at Sunburnt SEO:

filter blocked blocked % left left %
Incoming Connections 0 - 209,728 100%
Connection Limiting 3,636 2% 206,092 98%
Invalid HELO 50,071 32% 156,021 74%
Greylisting 109,098 70% 46,923 22%
RBL (IP Blacklisting) 3,664 8% 43,259 21%
URIBL (URL Blacklisting) 234 1% 43,025 20%
SPF 0 0% 43,025 20%
Heuristics 383 1% 42,642 20%
Bayesian 3,085 7% 39,557 19%
Total Spam / Legitimate 170,171 81% 39,557 19%


Spam Statistics

This is a mature spam filter, and many spammers have stopping hitting the server since it was set up. At first, the stats were quite different. For example, connection limiting was hugely effective.

Invalid recipients aren't shown in these statistics because the number of recipients per connection or email is so variable. And of course, spammers do everything in bulk right? If you compared the total number of legitimate recipients to the total number of spam recipients it would be practically 0% legitimate.


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Spam Statistics

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