Fast Notes, The Fastest Note Taking Application For Android

By , 21 January 2012

Fast Notes, The Fastest Note Taking Application For Android
Fast Notes, The Fastest Note Taking Application For Android

Some time ago I wrote a little review of several of the most popular Android note-taking apps. I ended up have three different apps installed because I couldn't find one that did just what I wanted.

So I wrote Fast Notes.

Fast Notes lets you take notes with just a single button press.

Lauch Fast Notes by long-pressing the search button or by pressing the icon in your launcher. Enter your note and long-press on a tag to save and exit. Voila, finito. Have you ever taken notes so quickly? You can also use the back button to save and exit.

Long press the search button to launch. Long press a tag or press back to save and exit.

I use Fast Notes to keep my todo lists, jot down ideas, collect phone numbers, organise my projects, record my expenses, make checklists, keep a diary, help remember people's names, learn new words, share tweets, write blogs, collect quotes and even to work on my book whenever I have a few spare moments.


Fast Notes, The Fastest Note Taking Application For Android

This is all possible thanks to Fast Notes' effective tagging system. By tagging notes quickly when you make them you can easily retrieve them later when you need them. Fast Notes also lets you group tags, select different tag views, search within tags and organise your notes in each tag.

Group your tags to help organise hundreds and hundreds of notes. Select from a number of different views to make browsing your notes simple.

For example, by default the "Family", "Friends" and "Hotels" tags are all grouped under "Contacts" so when you view the "Contacts" tag you will see all your family, friends and hotels in alphabetical order. You could also view your contacts as a history or logbook with the most recent contacts first.

Notes can also be arranged manually using the Checklist view which is useful for todo lists and priority lists. The default todo tag uses this view. Use the grabber on the side of the screen to drag and drop your todo items in any order you desire. As you complete items, long-press the note and select "Check Note", or "Delete Note" to remove it permanently.

History View Checklist View

There are a lot of other really useful features like importing notes and saving a note as a list. You can also pin your notes and tags to the homescreen for fast access.

Pin notes and tags to your home screen. Note search integrated into your phone's search button.

Fast Notes is built to handle lots and lots and lots of notes. I have roughly 3000 notes on my phone and am still adding more every day. With my tags and views I never feel like I have too many notes, which is something that was always a problem with conventional note taking applications and even wikis. Fast Notes also make backups simple by keeping your notes in a database on your SD-card. This way all you need to do is copy the file to your computer.

Fast Notes is available in Free and Ad-Free versions. You can use whichever you prefer. If the ads in the free version annoy you, you can just upgrade to "Fast Notes, No Ads" from the Settings screen. I've tried to make the ads in the free version as relevant to Fast Note users as possible.

A lot of work has gone into making Fast Notes the best note taking Android application for people who take a lot of notes. Please try it out and if you like it, rate us on the Android Market!

To make the most of Fast Notes, I recommend using a sliding keyboard like SlideIT or Swype.

Happy note-taking!

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Fast Notes, The Fastest Note Taking Application For Android

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