Disable Asus EeePC Noisy Fan in Ubuntu Linux

By , 21 May 2012

Disable Asus EeePC Noisy Fan in Ubuntu Linux

Recently the fan for my Asus EeePC 1005HA decided to go beserk and make lots and lots of noise. After trying a few tricks on the web and being unable to disconnect the fan manually I found this hack which you can use to disable the fan in Ubuntu/Linux.

# echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/hwmon/hwmon1/pwm1_enable
# echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/hwmon/hwmon1/pwm1

You need to run these commands as root. Add them to /etc/rc.local if you want to turn the fan off on each boot. To get your fan back, do something like this:

# echo 70 > /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/hwmon/hwmon1/pwm1

So far everything seems fine without my fan but I'll let you know if my computer melts.

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Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 VoIP Bug [SOLVED]

By , 18 February 2012

Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 VoIP Bug [SOLVED]

One of the first things I did when I bought my Samsung Galaxy Spica was install SipDroid, and to my disappointment it didn't work. The sound came out of the back of the phone instead of the earpiece.

This turns out to be Just Another Samsung Bug (TM), but unfortunately the fix is not simple. The developers at samdroid.net have built patched kernels but you need to flash your phone to apply them.

However, for what it is worth, I've uploaded the files you need and some simple instructions on how to flash them on the Samsung Firmware Downloads page.

Hope you can fix your VoIP on your Spica because it's pretty handy.

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Samsung Firmware Downloads

By , 18 February 2012

Samsung Firmware Downloads

For your convenience, here are all the files you need and some basic instruction to flash your Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. This page is not meant to be a tutorial, just a handy reference.

Odin 4.03 Flash original firmware to your phone.
spica_jc3.ops Needed when you flash with Odin.
I5700XXJH6.zip Original firmware for Android 2.1.
i5700_LK2-08_PDA.tar Patched Root Kernel which fixes VoIP.

The basic flashing procedure is:

  1. Install USB Drivers and unzip firmware
  2. Disconnect USB cable
  3. Start phone in download mode (Vol Down + Camera + Power)
  4. Connect USB cable
  5. Start Odin as Administrator
  6. Select spica_jc3.ops and original firmware package
  7. Flash and test your phone
  8. Flash the rooted kernel which includes recovery mode

Once the new kernel is installed, use Vol Down + Call + Power to enter recovery mode to install ROMs packaged as .zips.

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Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 Battery Drain [SOLVED]

By , 18 February 2012

Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 Battery Drain [SOLVED]

This has to be the most egregious bug I've ever seen in a product on the market. For close to a year now I've been trying to figure out what the heck was causing my Samsung Galaxy Spica battery to drain in like 10 minutes. I didn't happen all the time, just on days I really needed my phone.

Eventually I stumbled across an obscure thread on samdroid.net which mentions a bug in the Spica camera. The bug causes the CPU to stay in top speed after the camera has been used and thus drain all the battery even when the phone is supposed to be asleep.

The solution is simple. Download and install the CoolS app from the Android market. It puts the phone back into power saving mode automatically when it goes to sleep.

Still can't believe how long this problem bugged me for. Samsung, shame on you.

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Best Android Mod For Samsung Spica i5700

By , 3 December 2011

Best Android Mod For Samsung Spica i5700

The developers over at the Samdroid Forums have made some pretty cool stuff for us Samsung Spica i5700 owners. The only problem is there is just too much stuff over on that forum and a lot of the builds are old and the kitchens for making custom mods are broken. So to save you the time, I'm going to tell you now which is the best mod of the Samsung i5700:

... drum roll please ...


It's a fork of CyanogenMod being developed by a young German guy called Lars Moelleken (he uses the nick "voku"). So far the only thing missing from this mod for me is a patch for the broken VOIP audio channels on the Spica. Hopefully we can get that fixed.

After you install the ROM you need to select the Honey theme from the SpicagenMod settings menu otherwise you won't be able to see the clock.

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Android White Triangle and Yellow Exclamation Mark

By , 4 August 2011

I finally got fed up with my slow crappy Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 running Android 1.5 and decided to bite the bullet and flash the firmware to 2.1. In the process I bricked my phone so that it only booted to an white triangle with a yellow exclamation mark in the middle.

Hooray for me. It took me hours to figure out, and I tried half a dozen different ROMs with the same result but in the end I managed to get it working by selecting the following Debug options in Odin:

  • Clear Parameters
  • PDA Format
  • Bootloader Update

I only had to do this once. It's worked fine ever since, although Odin is still as flaky as ever.

Android 2.1 is a huge improvement over 1.5 in terms of performance and usability.

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Hardware Performance Theory

By , 10 May 2008

Blog-o'clock!! Hooray (*dances*). Hmmm... I like to know about hardware. You can keep your soldering iron to yourself, but feel free to tell me all about the specs and architecture :) . I also like things which are light, fast and running at their optimal capacity. So I made this little high level overview of typical computer hardware systems and how their components effect the overall performance of the system. Hope you enjoy!

1. Processor architecture (e.g. Intel Pentium 4)

A CPU is just like a fancy calculator, but with more registers and more operations. A simple calculator only has one register because you can only work on one number at a time. Modern CPUs might have as many as 128 register and many many operations. The brands differ between each other in what operations they offer, although its pretty difficult to say whether or not this is going to make any difference to you in the big picture. CPUs can only do one operation at a time.


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Intel Core 2 Duo vs Intel Pentium Dual Core

By , 9 April 2008

Dad just called me because he's replacing his desktop at home and he wanted to know what chip I would choose from "Core 2 Duo" and "Dual Core". Damn, how confusing have the Intel brand names become? It used to just be Pentium is good, Celeron is dud. That was easy.

Anyway, it seems that these two chips are pretty much the same except that the Pentium Dual Core has a smaller cache, no virtualisation (VT) and in most cases, a slightly slower front-side bus. So the main difference is the branding and the price. Hooray.

Here are some links on those CPUs:

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