Money Talks Released

By , 28 April 2016

Money Talks Released
Money Talks Released

When I couldn't find a good double-entry accounting app on the Android marketplace, I decided to implement my own. I was spending more time testing apps than it would have taken to make what I wanted myself. Anway, I've been using this app on my phone for over a year now, and I've finally got around to polishing it up to release to the general public.

Money talks has been specifically designed with a simple user interface without sacrificing on features.

✔ Record your expenses quickly and easily
✔ See your daily spend in your journal
✔ Track income and expenses
✔ Track assets and liabilities
✔ Supports multiple currencies
✔ Real double entry accounting
✔ Unlimited account hierarchy
✔ Cashflow report
✔ Balance sheet
✔ Easy to use

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Money Talks is intuitive to use. Whenever you spend some money just click the + button (new transaction) and fill in the details. That's all you really need to know. The Journal will show you your day to day spend, or you can use the Reports tab to see how much you've spent for the week, month, or any other period.


You can set up as many categories (accounts) as you need and organise them in many different ways. Each account can have a different currency, which is great for travellers carrying multiple currencies. Money Talks takes care of calculating conversion rates for you, so your accounts will always balance.


The default currency in Money Talks is dollars ($). To change this, go to the 'Accounts' tab, and long tap 'All Accounts'. Put in your local currency in there and it will be used for the rest of the app.

You can also use Money Talks to track your investments. Just make an account for each investment. When you edit the account you can enter the unit price of your investment, and the balance sheet will be updated with the current value of your investment.

That's all there is to it. If you like Money Talks, don't forget to leave a review and spread the word about this great tool.

Get Money Talks From Google Play

Money Talks Released

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Money Talks Released

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