Pitman Shorthand Cheat Sheet

By , 1 March 2009

Pitman Shorthand Cheat Sheet

Some time last year a customer who runs a Pitman Shorthand course in Brisbane contacted me. Shorthand is really fascinating and, without knowing it, it was my first real introduction to linguistics because the whole system is phonetic. I had found one of the original Pitman shorthand books in the restricted section of the library at UQ. It was so old that the pages were falling apart - kind of exciting, like a lost art.

It's hard to find shorthand books these days, but I've managed to collect a few - even some reading books. One of the really weird things about reading shorthand is you can read the authors accent (usually British).

Here's a shorthand cheat sheet that I put together for a bit of fun, and just in case all those books disappear one day.

Pitman Shorthand Cheat Sheet


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Pitman Shorthand Cheat Sheet

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Comment posted by: , last year

Hi Mina, I managed to track down some shorthand books that were discarded by a school library. Nowadays it looks like you can get them on Amazon though.

Comment posted by: mina, last year
Hi there I studied pitman 2000 at school but recently when l found my text book it was water damaged. Can you please advise where l can purchase an original text book. Many thanks
Comment posted by: , 5 years ago

That is really cool! Nice find.

Comment posted by: charles, 5 years ago

I have been advised that an online program already exists to convert text to shorthand 


Comment posted by: charles, 5 years ago

I have a dozen pitman 2000 shorthand books. I am still working on a program to change print to shorthand. I dont think it exists yet and all the books have to be drawn by hand. If anyone would like to help me with making the program I would be grateful. The work required would be scanning the words to make an image file. These are then joined together using a dos image joiner. It is not difficult to learn shorthand but it does take a long time. 

Comment posted by: amir, 5 years ago

i want to seek this languages and like it in writing

Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 7 years ago

The symbols are the IPA representation of the vowel. The words are examples which use that vowel. To learn more about IPA, check wikipedia:


Comment posted by: simon, 7 years ago

In the vowels section what does the symbol mean do they mean the word or the thing in brackets?