Learn Spanish Free Online Resources

By , 24 September 2011

Learn Spanish Free Online Resources

My favourite free online Spanish resources.

  • Onoma Conjugator - The only conjugator I could find that conjugates for vos. It also has some excellent verb charts which show the vowel patterns really nicely once you get used to them.
  • Wikipedia Spanish Grammar - Naturally. Wikipedia normally always has the best and most accurate description of any language. Not for the light hearted though.
Learn Spanish Free Online Resources
  • Notes In Spanish Podcast - Hours and hours of free audio to improve your listening.
  • Charlie Brown YouTube Channel - In Spanish of course.
  • Study Spanish - This site has a good simplified grammar, but the reason I like it is because of the free quizzes after each lesson.
  • Spanglish - A language exchange group in Buenos Aires. This is where I learnt most of my Spanish, the only side-effect being that now other South Americans think I'm Argentinian. Not free, but good value.
  • Spanish-Test.net - 4 Spanish tests, each of 30 questions which you can use to determine your level of Spanish.

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Learn Spanish Free Online Resources

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Comment posted by: Daniel, 8 years ago

There are many online courses and tutorials that can prove to be helpful in learning a new language, provided that you maintain a regularity in studying.