Free Spanish Flashcards

By , 30 September 2011

Free Spanish Flashcards

Flashcards are an excellent way to sharpen your language skills and with spaced repetition software you can focus more time on your problem areas. They're also great for relearning a language - provided you have a good set of flashcards.

These flashcards have been carefully arranged in order of increasing difficulty and grouped to build your confidence by keeping related words together. Additionally, they have all been tagged appropriately to help you focus your reviews.

There are three decks - the main one with common Spanish Phrases and Vocab (2000 cards), a second with all the conjugations from my Spanish Conjugations Spreadsheet (1900 cards), and a third which is all those conjugations shuffled around to test your mental skills.

Free Spanish Flashcards

You can download the decks in CSV, AnyMemo and Anki formats below. They are free of charge (lucky you). All I ask is that if you find these resources useful, please SHARE this page to your Facebook, Twitter or blog using the icons at the top and bottom of this page.


CSV Format

AnyMemo Format

Anki Format

Throughout the flashcards the special symbols below are used:

  Verb Irregularities
=  present subjunctive stem changes
< preterite and subjunctive stems change
> future and conditional stems change
~ imperfect stem changes
g -g- insertion
/ diphthongization
^ -ir vowel raising
" harmonic changes
x2 number of words in answer
/2 number of syllables in answer
/t answer has a 't' near the end
:m masculine
:f feminine
:n neuter

I hope you find them useful.

Remember to SHARE this page to your Facebook, Twitter or blog. It will help your fellow students. Think of those poor bastards, struggling their way around a foreign country, cramming for their Spanish exams, or simply trying to remember those magic words "te quiero".

You owe it to them.

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Free Spanish Flashcards

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how do i incorporate this into anki? It says I need to convert to UTC 8 or something like this...

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