Managed Funds Fee Calculator

By , 20 March 2015

Managed Funds Fee Calculator
Managed Funds Fee Calculator

Managed fund fees have come under the spotlight since several academic studies showed that actively managed funds consistently underperform passive index funds. This is simply because all that work in trying to pick winners costs more than it's worth.

Here is a free managed fund fee calculator that you can use to compare the total fees for the lifetime of your investment. Over time, and with large investments the numbers add up quickly.

The great thing about this calculator is that it includes the effects of compounding fund growth and reinvested distributions both of which increase the fund management fee over time. The calculator makes two calculations: first your theoretical gross return with absolutely no fees, then your actual return with all the fees factored in. The difference is how much you lose in fees, inluding the opportunity cost of not investing that money.

Managed Funds Fee Calculator
Transaction Costs Fund 1 Fund 2 Fund 3  
Amount Invested $
Length Of Investment yrs
Gross Return %
Management Fee % / yr
Buy Spread %
Sell Spread %
Brokerage $
Money Out (No Fees) 14026 14026 14026 $
Money Out (With Fees) 13734 13507 13315 $
Cost of Investment 292 519 711 $

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Managed Funds Fee Calculator

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