10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services

By , 17 January 2014

10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services
10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services

The company that was storing our backups online was always a little flakey and recently the scripts just started failing altogether. Time to find a new backup service methinks.

Since I first looked at backup online the market has changed a lot. It's now called "cloud storage" for starters, and the number of companies providing competing services has ballooned.

Here is a quick comparison a few key players on the market, and the monthly cost of storing 100GB of backups. The server being backed up is running Ubuntu, so the last column shows how the backups are run. Rsync is our preferred method.

10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services
Company Plan (GB) Monthly Price Sync / Backup method
iDrive 150 $4.12 custom scripts
SkyDrive 100 $4.16  
Google Drive 100 $4.99  
Amazon S3 100 $9 local mount + rsync
iBackup 150 $9.95 rsync
Dropbox 100 $9.99  
Box.com 1000 $15 local mount + rsync
StrongSpace 200 $18.99 rsync
rsync.net 100 $32 rsync
iWeb 100 $40  

Although idrive don't have rsync, they do have good support and documentation for linux. We've signed up and so far the testing is going pretty well. The popular services looked a little frustrating to use for backup as they are more geared towards sharing and collaboration.

If you have any other recommendations for cloud-based backup, just drop them in a comment below.

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10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services

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