Android White Triangle and Yellow Exclamation Mark

By , 4 August 2011

Android White Triangle and Yellow Exclamation Mark

I finally got fed up with my slow crappy Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 running Android 1.5 and decided to bite the bullet and flash the firmware to 2.1. In the process I bricked my phone so that it only booted to an white triangle with a yellow exclamation mark in the middle.

Hooray for me. It took me hours to figure out, and I tried half a dozen different ROMs with the same result but in the end I managed to get it working by selecting the following Debug options in Odin:

  • Clear Parameters
  • PDA Format
  • Bootloader Update

I only had to do this once. It's worked fine ever since, although Odin is still as flaky as ever.

Android 2.1 is a huge improvement over 1.5 in terms of performance and usability.

Android White Triangle and Yellow Exclamation Mark

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Android White Triangle and Yellow Exclamation Mark

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Comment posted by: Roger Keays, 6 years ago

These links were helpful for me, maybe they can help you.

Comment posted by: djcountry, 6 years ago

hello i think im haveing same problem i did a reset with mu gt15700r glaxxy speca an for some reason i am stuck on the reset it will start up with samsung an a load bar then it goes to a white triangle with yellow markin the triangle with cell phone laaying down it wont go past that can u help me out plz