Samsung Firmware Downloads

By , 18 February 2012

Samsung Firmware Downloads
Samsung Firmware Downloads

For your convenience, here are all the files you need and some basic instruction to flash your Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. This page is not meant to be a tutorial, just a handy reference.

Odin 4.03 Flash original firmware to your phone.
spica_jc3.ops Needed when you flash with Odin. Original firmware for Android 2.1.
i5700_LK2-08_PDA.tar Patched Root Kernel which fixes VoIP.

The basic flashing procedure is:

  1. Install USB Drivers and unzip firmware
  2. Disconnect USB cable
  3. Start phone in download mode (Vol Down + Camera + Power)
  4. Connect USB cable
  5. Start Odin as Administrator
  6. Select spica_jc3.ops and original firmware package
  7. Flash and test your phone
  8. Flash the rooted kernel which includes recovery mode

Once the new kernel is installed, use Vol Down + Call + Power to enter recovery mode to install ROMs packaged as .zips.

Samsung Firmware Downloads

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Samsung Firmware Downloads

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Comment posted by: Tony, 7 years ago

Thanks alot bro

Comment posted by: s4ph1r3, 8 years ago

Figured it out by testing, the kernel (pda file) flashed with the ops file and then clean/wipe data and cache. However, I cant install any apps on this rom, the phone says: No applications can perform this action.

Comment posted by: s4ph1r3, 8 years ago

Thank you for your reply Roger, that worked. Odin needed its dll file though, luckily I had the file on my laptop and the phone is now flashed. About the kernel, I just flash the pda file without the ops?

Comment posted by: , 8 years ago

@s4ph1r3 it's been a while since I had to do this, but I'm pretty sure it goes under 'One Package'.

Comment posted by: s4ph1r3, 8 years ago

Where in Odin should the original firmware file go? There are 4 choices: BOOT, PHONE, CSC and One Package.
I know that the OPS is for the ops file and PDA for the pda file, but I have no idea where to put the firmware file.