Teaching Games For Kids

By , 13 July 2012

Teaching Games For Kids
Teaching Games For Kids

A few years back I did some voluntary English teaching in Saigon, Vietnam. I like teaching but I didn't realise how hard it is to teach kids between the ages of 5 and 12. By trial and error I eventually found these games which they all liked.

Teaching Games For Kids

What is Your Name?

This is a simple fun game which creates anticipation for kids and gives them a little reward at the end because they get to call up the next student.

  1. Make namecards for each of the kids.
  2. Put them all into a hat and draw out a name.
  3. Each time a name is drawn, that student goes to the front of the class. The teacher asks the student "What is your name?" and the he or she must reply "My name is ...".
  4. More advanced students can be asked more questions like "What is his name?", "What is my name?" or quizzed in any other way.
  5. When the student has answered correctly, or done his or her best, give them their namecard and let them draw the next name.

Alphabet Hot Potato

This is a simple game and creates a bit of fun competition and sometimes a little chaos.

  1. The teacher holds a ball and writes a number or letter on the blackboard.
  2. The teacher throws the ball to the first student who says the number or letter aloud.
  3. The student throws the ball back then sits down. This student can't answer any more numbers.
  4. Continue until everybody wins

One of my students had serious jealousy issues playing this game, but that was fixed by just pretending she won the game before she started screaming. 

Writing Quiz

This is the same as "What is your name?" except you get the student to write numbers or letters on the blackboard instead of asking them questions. I did this after playing hot potato because everyone got so excited by throwing a ball around the classroom and this game cooled things down a bit.

If you've got any good games for kids, add them in the comments below.

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Teaching Games For Kids

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